Blue Schools project results

The Blue School concept

• The baseline of the project, it aims to establish a common language for partners and potential additional schools that will find attractive the idea of joining the initiative, what we mean by referring to blue economy or to a blue school
• The goal towards which the partnership and individual schools’ efforts have to be directed and way to achieve them (results: Roadmap for the implementation of the Blue School concept in the schools)
• a means to multiply project results and propagate them in additional EU countries

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Guide for teachers

It aims to empower teachers by providing them the tools they need in order to promote the blue school concept in their schools.

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Learning resources for students

The results of this intellectual output will be accessible on-line for students to facilitate their involvement with blue economy though projects and for rendering their school a blue school. It will also include results of selected projects run by students (results: 10 lesson plans, plans for projects, 10 good practices). The project results include 2 Learning activities, one for teachers and one for students.

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Organization of Seven Multiplier events in partners’ countries

To ensure visibility of project results and enhancing further discussion with stakeholders on the blue school concept

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